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EXPO 2017 ASTANA  Dance Viewsic -EN-

île de La Réunion KWA LA! FESTIVAL

Cosmiclab is the artist group making

spectacular activities.

They are known by the projects,

​”Koyasan 1,200 Year Anniversary

-Buddhist Chant and Light Performance-"

and the opening act at "Adobe Max Japan".

2017, They had an audio-visual performance

at "EXPO 2017 ASTANA" in Kazakhstan.

I make the 3 layer temple for the project.

The performance was also demonstrated for

"KWA LA! Festival" on Réunion island in the

Indian Ocean.

"Quasar" developed independently by Cosmiclab

is a audio-visual equipment that fuses music theory and sampling culture.

​Their performance that synchronized video and music is worth a look.

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Cosmiclab Works

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