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I made the music video "TEJIME" with HIFANA.
HIFANA is a Japan's leading musician group consisting of KEIZOmachine! and JUICY.
They are originator of "Finger Drumming" and Their style is "Break Beats" with Japanese sounds.
They produced many excellent animated music videos with great directors.
It is a great honor to be able to work on their latest work.
The theme of this work are high sync rate for sound and video and visual stimulation like a flood of light.
Because the completion time was the transition between Heisei Era and Reiwa Era, we decided to make the movie to celebrate the Japanese new era.
And it was released on May 1st, the day new era "Reiwa" started.

Freakshow House

At first, I had an idea of the story in a Japanese freakshow house.
I designed the freakshow house combined the taboo feelings of Japanese freakshow and design of old Japanese Pachinko hall.
I like the glare of neon.




HIFANA are reborn into a different character each time.
Characters are designed by MAHARO.
He is a graphic designer and the big brother of JUICY, one of HIFANA.
He has created HIFANA's artworks for a long time.
To create HIFANA's characters have just one rule.
KEIZOmachine! is "Tech", JUICY is "Analog".
For express high sync rate for sound and video, I decided the characters make all the sounds in the video.
To make it happen, KEIZOmachine! manipulating 4-armed mech and mysterious giant JUICY hitting a Japanese drums were born.

Freakshow House


This character is named Kansha-Kun.

Kansha means Thanks.
He appeared a little in HIFANA's previous music video "HANABEAM".
In this work he plays a big role in the whole story.



This is Fuguri-Kun played a big role in previous video "HANABEAM".

Fuguri is old Japanese word, means nuts.
Many of them participated as audience in this work.
They get into trouble every time.

Heavenly Maiden

A cool heavenly maiden who handles everything from customer attraction to musical instruments and chorus.
Because we need female character for gorgeousness, she was created.
She is the only character designed by director Ken Imai.


Although it has appeared in the past in VJ, it is the first Darbot in the music video.
They appear in large quantities, transform and dance.

Giant Mech

Giant Mech

This giant mecha appears as the final form of HIFANA.
A super multi-legged robot equipped with acoustic equipment, surface LED mapping, and laser.
The main part is based on the traditional New Year's rake design created by toy artist TKO using HIFANA characters.


We were invited by a beautiful heavenly maiden, arrived at a freakshow house that gave off a mysterious atmosphere with neon lights.

The freakshow HIFANA leads celebrating the new Japanese era "Reiwa".
Their celebratory music grows intense, ...


Year of production: 2019
Running Time: 03:36
Music : HIFANA
Director: KEN IMAI
Charactor Design: MAHARO

Giant Mech inspired by TKO

All CG Works: KEN IMAI

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